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Balancing work and uni

Hi I'm asking for advice, I'm in my final year of a MComp degree as I'm repeating modules due to personal reasons but I'm finding it hard to juggle working full time (graduate position and not able to get student finance for the year), completing a dissertation and other modules as well as being a carer. I've had extensions due to mental health and stuff that caused me to have to push the module back a year, but I'm unsure if I should just graduate with a BSc instead or try and get the MComp as I'm struggling to keep on top of the deadlines?
Hi there,

I can totally relate to this as when I studied my masters degree I was also working full time 9-5 and then coming home and studying etc. One thing that I found really helped me was blocking out time on a weekend and evening (I know this isnt ideal especially as you need free time and balancing being a carer as well, but this could even be just a few hours). I would also recommend speaking to your university support team as you may be able to get further extensions or adjustments put in place to be able to help support you.

Hope this helps!
My name is Haya, and I’m a final year medic.

It sounds like you have a lot on your plate, I’m sorry you feel this way. Therefore I advise you to assess your priorities and consider the long-term implications of pursuing the MComp degree versus graduating with a BSc.

I would recommend reaching out to your academic advisor as they have your best interest in mind and they'd help you in exploring your options and discussing potential solution.

It's important to prioritise your mental health during this time as this kind of problem could be very draining (I've been there) and if you ever feel suffocated or lost, feel free to reach out to friends and family if you need guidance or support.

I really hope it works out for you ❤️

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