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Module failure - Am I finished?

Hello people, now to many this might sound like an overreaction but it's something I need clarity with. I've already emailed the engineering school at my uni and am awaiting a response but I'd like to know what your experiences have been like if you went through something similar.

So I'm in my 4th year of an integrated MEng masters and failed a 10 credit module last semester (under pass mark by 3%). Obviously I could've done better but my main focus now is being able to graduate in the summer with a somewhat respectable grade. I normally achieve around 65% on other modules and wouldn't want a rogue module to ruin 4 years of work.

Anyone who's been through something similar or knows how these kind of situations generally work, will I be fine or is my degree going to be heavily impacted (no honours or resit)? Would greatly appreciate advice on the matter.
You will probably get the opportunity to have a capped resit, your module mark will be 40%, but other then dragging your overall average down its unlikely to be a significant weight on your future prospects.

If you want to pursue a PhD in the specific area of the module you failed then this maybe a bigger concern but other then this I wouldn’t worry just make sure you pass the resit!
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