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Dental equipment provision (Loupes)

Hi there,
I am hoping to join a dental school in September and so have seen videos of dental schools/students etc. I saw a video of a student in America discussing costs she has had to pay on top of fees and she mentioned the cost of loupes. So I have two questions about use of loupes in UK dental schools.
1. Do UK dental schools use/require use of loupes when taking any parts of the course. (Im guessing they do in some form).
2. If UK dental schools do require use of loupes do you need to purchase your own or do the Uni provide access to some while you are there. I guess this will depend on the Uni and their policy but any help is appreciated.
Was just interested to know as loupes seem like a bit of kit most dentists use and are relatively expensive so would be something I would have to factor in if I did get in to a Uni and require them for the course.

Many thanks for any help you can give.

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