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Do unis lower their offers after recieving all applications?

I'm not really sure how to phrase this, but after recieving and replying to most of their applications, is there a chance they lower the grades for people who firm them? Not necessarily an unconditional but lowered by a few grades, if it is a particularly undersubscribed year?
Broadly speaking, yes, it's possible. But as to how likely it is, it really depends as to how desperate the uni is to fill a course after they've seen the number of offers they've made.

From a unis perspective it's a bit easier to lower it now rather than consider a mass of near misses around results day.
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Thank you! Does that mean its better for me to wait to firm a certain uni in case they offer me lower?
It’s very unlikely, so I would not delay anything waiting on the off chance.

That said, it’s usually recommended to wait until at least Easter to make firm and insurance choices.

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