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Worth it to move sixth form but repeat a year?

My sixth-form is pretty subpar. We're treated like we're children and don't have a permanent sixth form space. They use our building as a hall for any exams, mocks, or events they want. this means we can go weeks just roaming around without anywhere to go. Therefore, I'm often forced to do my work after school as there is simply no permanent quiet place to use. I've looked into moving to a college slightly further away but it would require me starting my A-level from scratch. Looking for general advice on whether I need to suck it up enjoy being with my friends but working at home, or move and repeat a year but be able to work at school. I guess I'm mainly worried about how this will look on university applications.
TLDR; I'm not enjoying SF but to move I'd need to restart year 12
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A year is nothing when you've graduated and have 45 years of working in front of you. Better to get yourself in a place to get the best A levels to set up your uni degree especially if you have the family support to do it.
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agreed with above. a year is nothing. go for it

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