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Why do they not mind their Business?

Why do girls my age always want to see what I'm doing on my phone? Like I be sitting in any public place and any girl nearby be staring into my phone like trying to see what I'm doing... It's kind of annoying tbh
Sounds unlikely and more like a bit of paranoia.
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Original post by StriderHort
Sounds unlikely and more like a bit of paranoia.
I'm saying the truth. It always happens. Either that or they glare or stare at me when I'm not looking for a long time.
Not doing much to dissuade me of paranoia here, How can you tell if poeple are staring at you for a long time unless you're also watching them.

I can't speak for others but I couldn't care less what other people are doing on their phones unless they are trying to hit me with it and people don't try and spy on mine, but if it keeps happening to you specifically you must be doing something to draw attention or alarm.

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