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what do you do in freshers week?

what happens?

It entirely depends on what university you go to, and what you want to get out of it. At my university, there are both day and night events, where no attendance is mandatory, and it varies day to day.

A lot of the daytime events are calmer and more chill, with events like a poster sale, plant sale, freshers fair, terrarium workshop, and in some cases, a petting zoo (which had llamas). Nightime events are more energetic, with events like pub quizzes, live music nights, club nights (with YSJ having an official club night), doubles for singles and Frat Night, and more.

But, like anything, it entirely depends on what you want to get out of Fresher's Week. Go to what you want to go to, and most importantly, make sure you're having fun and comfortable with what you're doing.

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what happens?
Hi there,

It really depends on what university you go to, but they typically have a lot of things to get involved in (or none at all - it is all up to you).

For example, Chester had a range of fairs to show students what is available for them. This included the Sports and Society fair, the Fresher's/Welcome fair (with lots of freebies!), and the Volunteering fair. They also hosted events such as an outdoor movie night, had therapy dogs, and had a walk to get ice cream with other students!

If nightlife is more your thing, there are usually a lot of events in the city for you. Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs in the city are typically packed with students, and some places host special events for new students. Chester's student bar also hosts quizzes, themed nights, and karaoke nights during this time.

While there are usually a lot of things happening during Fresher's Week, there is no pressure to go to anything. Do what you feel comfortable doing and make sure you have fun!

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what happens?

Hi there,

Lots of different things happen in freshers week and it depends what uni you go to!

Most Universities will have freshers fairs in the first week which are really good to go to. There is usually a freshers fair where you can get free things which is great! There are usually also sports and societies fairs where you can see what societies are on offer at the Uni and potentially sign up to some or sign up to some taster sessions if you are interested in doing a society.

Some courses will also offer welcome week sessions which I found really good! For my course at Hallam, we had a 'meet the course leaders' session where we had pizza, got to meet the course leaders and some tutors and also just socialise with other people on the course. At some Universities these sessions are mandatory and some are optional but I would recommend going if you can as I met some of my closest friends on my course this way!

There will also probably be events put on by the student union, which are usually things like a tour of the city, or a film night which are also great!

There will also be plenty of opportunities to go out if you like doing this and there will be lots of club events out on if you choose to go to any of these! Things like pub quizzes are usually fun and a good way to break the ice with people you have just met.

Even if you didn't attend any freshers week events, it is still a fun week to get to know your new flatmates and start to get to know the city you will be living in! It's also a great time to make new friends as everyone wants to make friends in this time which makes it a lot easier!

I hope this helps,

Lucy - SHU student ambassador.
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what happens?
Hi there

During freshers week the Univeresity will host many events for students to participate in. These would include events from particular divisons, courses. Essentially a range of activities and opportunities that are a good chance for students to meet each other and make new friends.

All the events hosted will be optional, so feel free to attend the ones that you are interested in. I would recommend though having a look at the fresher's fair. This is where societies will set up booths to introduce their events, having a look and seeing what interests you may be a good opportunity to meet people with similar interests as yourself. There is no pressure though to attend anything you do not want to, so just enjoy yourself. :smile:

I hope this helps.
University of Kent Student Rep
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what happens?

Other posters have mentioned the social side of freshers week.

But there are also the administrative and academic sides.

From an administrative point of view, you'll need to complete the registration process with the university -- this might not be much more than collecting your student id card, but it is what will trigger the university reporting to student finance that you're "in attendance" which in turn is what results in your maintenance loan being released. (If you don't complete registration the university will ultimately deem you a "no show" and kick you off the course.)

From an academic point of view, there may be some department/school introduction/orientation sessions, perhaps including health and safety sessions (particularly if you're on a course that involves lab work), and maybe some introductory lectures. If you're on a programme which requires you to take an optional unit, there might be a talk outlining how that works and what optional units are available to choose from.

Freshers week is the best time!!! I will share with you my freshers experience:


Societies fair: there are stands for all the different societies and you can learn all about what they are about, meet some members, and join on the spot.


Sports fair: there are stands for all the different sports the university offers, you can try some of the sports out. I remember there was a fencing stand where I tried to fence and loved it ! (there was also an adorable horse for the equestrian club)


International food day: in my freshers fair, we had different restaurants bring food and we got to try a wide range of cuisines.


Parties at night: Freshers comes with a wide variety of parties including a foam party, neon night, and a range of bar hoping.

Which event are you excited for the most?

Hope you have the best time !:grin:

Haya- MBBS V
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what happens?
Usually freshers week is full of lots of different events to allow your to explore the university and meet lots of people including course mates, flat mates ect.
At Lancaster one of the day was spent within your department allowing you to settle into your course, providing a brief introduction, allowing you to meet lecturers and course mates.
There might also be a freshers fair which is a big event allowing you to meet all of the different societies you can choose to join.
During the daytime there might be tours of campus and town, craft events, and other chilled out activities that you can attend on your own or with flat mates.
On the nighttime, there's a mixture of sober and non-sober events which might range from film nights, board games, quizzes to pub crawls and club nights.
Freshers week has a complete range of events, so feel free to get involved and meet lots of people, but at the same time don't feel the pressure into going to every event.
Hope this helps!
-Jasmine (Lancaster Student Ambassador)
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what happens?

So as everyone has said its rather different based on which university you go to but I'll tell you how it is for Edge Hill.

So freshers week is also induction week at our university so you have the usually freshers stuff in the evening and then during the day you will meet your lecturers, class mates and get an introduction on what your first year of the degree will entail. This week is usually full of ice breakers and group activities to get you all to talk and get to know one another.

Usually during the middle of the week there will be the freshers fair which is an opportunity to meet all the different societies and sport teams on offer and decide which ones you wish to join. There are also usually businesses that come in and advertise themselves as well so there is an opportunity to get some freebies.

Activities during the night were in the Student Union bar which is meant to represent somewhat of a club and these activities are held by the university and these included parties, music bingo, karaoke and a cinema showing at the end of the week.

There are also events that the bars in Ormskirk would also put on during freshers week to give you a chance to try out the different bars and clubs within the town.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of some of the stuff that goes on during freshers week.

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what happens?
Hi there,

Well, lots of things happen during fresher's week but the main point is basically to welcome new students to the university. Doesn't mean returning students aren't welcome though! Some things that usually happen: Course Orientation- different courses run orientations for new students, introducing them to the course and giving a tour of the campus. It's also an opportunity to meet your course mates before class begins.

You also get to meet various clubs and societies to know what options are available to you and talk to current club members.

There are also various activities and events organized to meet other students in a social setting.

It's also a period where you can complete any remaining enrolment or registration left for you and get to know more about the university.

It's a really fun period and loads of people always look forward to it plus you get a lot of freebies!
Hope this gives you an insight into what it's like.
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what happens?

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what happens?


Like many reps said already, it really depends on your uni, I can tell you how it looks like here in Suffolk.

Usually, you will have a few events every day of the week. Two per day on the weekends and up to 4 events on the working days. Sometimes your induction is also part of freshers week, so events usually take place around these important meetings.

The whole purpose of freshers week at our uni is to meet your students union and new people. You could also find this a good opportunity to meet various societies and see if your interests match any of those. The events vary in location and type of activity, for example, golfing, field trips, movie nights, pub crawls, pub quizzes...

My advice is to definitely attend some freshers events, I'm sure you will find something you really want to do and you will for sure meet some new people from your uni.

Best wishes
MA Creative and Critical Writing at University of Suffolk
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what happens?

Hi there,

There are loads of things which happen in freshers week. There are plenty of events through the day as well as night time events as well. There is usually a freshers fair where you can get some free stuff and theres stalls for the different societies as well.

Overall freshers is a really fun time, so enjoy it!

I hope this helps,

Y4 Medical Student
University of Sunderland
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what happens?

Hey there,

Freshers week is an exciting time filled with social events, fairs, and opportunities to familiarise yourself with the university. Often extending over two weeks, this period serves as a warm welcome to university life. As you step into this vibrant atmosphere, expect to be surrounded by new faces and numerous opportunities to connect, learn, and explore.
It's a time to embrace new connections and establish friendships that could last a lifetime. It's recommended to attend icebreaker events and social gatherings, as well as strike up conversations with fellow students.

While the social events are undoubtedly the star attractions, informational sessions should not be overlooked. These sessions are a gateway to valuable insights into university resources, support services, and academic expectations.
Discover a wide variety of student clubs and societies at university, ranging from sports and arts to academics and philanthropy.

Lastly, Freshers Week is a great time to explore the city. Make the most of this week by immersing yourself in the university and the city it's an experience that will set the tone for the rest of your university life.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Ilya :smile:
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what happens?

Hi there!

Fresher’s Week is an exciting opportunity for new students to connect with their peers and student leaders. Different universities will have different events planned but all of it usually involves introducing new students to each other and also to how the university functions. For example, during my Fresher’s Week, our university arranged for people to meet in a pub nearby and play Speed Mating - where you talk to a peer for 5 minutes and then speak to another peer for 5 minutes. This went on for the better part of 2 hours until all of us kind of knew each other. This was then followed by campus tours and lectures from faculty, introducing us to basic course content.

Student leaders will also have informal parties and gatherings for everyone to just hang out and get to know each other. This seems quite daunting, especially if you move abroad, but it is important to keep in mind that everyone else is also a new student and they are probably just as nervous as you are. Students sometimes also feel a great pressure to attend all events, stemming from the fear that everyone will make friends except them, but that is rarely the case. You will find the company of like-minded individuals even if you don’t attend every single event.

Good luck and remember to have a good time!

Warm Regards,
Upasana Bhatt,
Richmond American University London Student Ambassador.

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