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Edinburgh, KCL, or Durham for PPE??

Hey everyone,
I’m an international student looking to study PPE in the UK for 2024-2025.

I’ve gotten offers from Edinburgh, KCL, and Durham and can’t decide which ones to firm/insurance. Edinburgh is a great city and I would get to do a dissertation but I’m worried about it being such an enormous uni, I don’t know how accommodation would work, and it is 4 years so more expensive. KCL is awesome (who wouldn’t love to live in London, so convenient), but London housing market is no joke, the administration seems terrible, and they can change international tuition each year if they want. I adore Durham’s college system and think it would make settling in easier (also, Durham is a lot cheaper for me) but it’s not very diverse and has absolutely no international reputation.

Any help/advice very much appreciated!
tbf this is really subjective, but i'd hate to live in London. Expensive, and like u said, housing market, Now, the other problem is, Durham's housing market is also no joke. Cheaper than london ofc, but toughhhh from what I heard. Also expensive IMO.

Edinburgh housing market isn't the best either ofc, but it's got that nice balance of international reputation and being in a capital (that's not quite london.) For Edinburgh accommodation, as an international, you're guaranteed a spot in uni accom for first year, and usually you just find flatmates for the other 3 years. You can also choose to go private first year, if you want. Though as you said, it is an extra year.
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Which course do you prefer?
Look at all the optional units for each year of each degree - what would you actually choose if you went to that Uni?
The course is important - it doesnt matter how fab the Uni is if you hate what you are studying each day.

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