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I want to change my course I've applied for

I've done my choices and Uni I've applied for, but I want to change the course I've applied for because I really don't like the offers I've been given (Because I was lacking the GCSE grade in maths). Is there a way I can change or will I have to wait for clearing
Basically I think you have 4 choices:


Contact a uni that you already have an offer for, that you want to go to, and that you would meet the requirements of your new choice of course. See if they will move you across. Its unlikely if the course is already filled.


Wait for clearing, turn down your firm and insurance places on results day and try from clearing. The advantage is that you will know your grades. You can start planning which courses would insterest you as Unis will start indicating from July onwards if they will be in clearing. This gives you time to think carefully and not make mistakes again. But you won't know for sure which courses will be in clearing until results day and dust settles on all offers made.


Turn down your offers now and you can apply one at a time for courses through UCAS extra which allows you to try again but you have to give up all your offers now before securing alternatives. All whilst you should be revising.


Take a gap year. Plan it properly and apply with actual grades whilst earning money or traveling.

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