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Leaving year 11 before study leave

Hi! I want to ask about the likelihood I’m able to be homeschooled/taken out of school to study at home during all of April maybe a bit of march and not be in school, or maybe go in like one day a week. For some context; I moved schools in year 9 and making friends was extremely difficult. I have 1 or 2 people but nobody I feel like I can sit with at lunch. Hence, after having now 3 more days left of mocks where everyone sits in the hall, I’m dreading normal lunchtime arrangements as I’ve literally had to sit in the library at lunch most days in my own. It started of not too bad but the loneliness really got to me and I’ve been incredibly upset about it and as a result have had unbelievably bad anxiety and depression. I must add as well that in my December mocks and these feb mocks I have received and been predicted all 7,8,9s and am aiming for all 8/9s in the real gcses. I’ve always talked to my parents about how much homeschooling would suit me, however in year 9/10 that just didn’t seem overly practical. I’m extremely motivated and work incredibly well at home and independently (I work at least 2/3 hours after school with productive revision). I’ve also been feeling at unproductive in school classes and that I could do so much more beneficial work at home. I must add that I do many clubs and have more friends outside of school, so this wouldn’t inhibit me from socialisation or exiting the house. To whoever had took the time out of their day to read this; I appreciate you! If you have any idea on how I could go about being aloud to come out early / getting permission from school, a doctor or the governors please can you let me know. Thank you
I feel at this late stage in the year it would be unlikely. I would first go to your head of year or someone responsible for pastoral support and tell them how you have been struggling because even if they do not allow this arrangement, they can provide more support for you in school. I would also probably go to your GP and see if they can refer you for any mental health treatment as well.

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