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Original post by Bexkiejones
I am currently studying the 2nd year of my Ophthalmic Dispensing Degree and always planned to convert this into an Optometry degree with a conversion course at Bradford University but this has now been stopped…I chose this route to avoid student debt and now have found out I can no longer do my dream job….

Looking into it even if I stop my foundation degree and just leave with a foundation degree using this to enter an Optometry degree I wouldn’t be successful in an application for a tuition fee loan as I have already studied higher education so wouldn’t be able to afford to study for my dream job…

My foundation degree has been privately funded by myself and my employer so I have never received any tuition fee funding to date. I have an 18 month tie in after I complete my Dispensing Optician qualification next year.

Any advice on this please??
Hi there. Are you looking to now change or start a new course? Also, to confirm, you have 2 years of previous study on the current course, do you have any other previous study? Thanks - David

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