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Music GCSE performance - What grade in guitar is this?

So I am going to be doing my ensemble performance mock for music GCSE on electric guitar with my band, however I don't want to trouble them by making them learn a new song when they've also got their own performances/exams to worry about. I've never really done grades for guitar before (my music teacher says that the level I play at is high enough for the solo performance) but I was just wondering what grade this arrangement for Summer of '69 would be.

If it's too easy, my spec allows me to make arrangements so I can make it harder, but as a starting point, what grade is this specific song?
As for the arrangement of "Summer of '69" on electric guitar, without hearing it, it's hard to assign a specific grade. Your teacher's assessment of your playing level for solo performance suggests your arrangement is likely of a comparable standard.

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