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My dissertation draft is due in two weeks, and I’ve had very little to no help from my supervisor regardless of me sending her multiple emails etc just wondering if anyone knows any good support websites that they stand by when they did or are doing their own. I’ve had a look and few just don’t make sense and aren’t coherent enough, any help would be greatly appreciated
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There is no one stop shop for dissertations - it depends on the area of study, the specifics of the module you are taking, etc etc.
Have you made use of supporting materials provided by your own university? Dissertaton modules will have associated materials available online, the uni library will also have resources including workshops and 1-2-1 sessions.
The important thing is to make sure that your draft is complete or at the very least contains the required elements.
Hello, I would recommending re-visiting materials that should have been supplied by your University as to how to structure your dissertation as different institutions can sometimes differ in their dissertation requirements. Alternatively, I'd recommend contacting the dissertation module leader and informing them that you are struggling to contact your supervisor as although they are probably busy, they should be making time to answer your queries. Another suggestion could be contacting other students in your University that are completing a dissertation and asking them where to locate the materials that you require, or watching dissertation tips on YouTube for general advice.

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