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Physician associate student workload study time etc

Hi, what is the workload like as a physician associate student? Anyone studying at Sheffield?
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I am not in Sheffield but it is very intense!
We have 2 weeks off for Easter, Summer & Christmas.

Year one is 3 days uni, either lectures or clinical skills, and 1 or 2 days on placement. There is also way more 'homework' than I thought there would be!
Year 2 is placements full-time, rotating around different areas of medicine, with the occasional day in uni.

Don't get me wrong it is an amazing course & I am really enjoying it but you have to be really dedicated & have good time management.

Most people would struggle to work for more than a few hours alongside and as a student loan does not cover the full course fees you need to take that into account.

Other unis will be different but the workload would be the same.
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I am currently pregnant so am worried how I will manage my time!

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