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Applying to UniversitySeptember 2024 as a Backup Plan - UCAS Implications?

Hello, I'm asking on behalf of my friend about their situation. I thought people on here would be knowledgeable.

They have a very good chance of starting an apprenticeship/employment around September 2024; however, the outcome will not be known until August 2024. As a backup plan, they are considering applying for September 2024 university courses just in case things do not go as planned. Their main concern is whether there would be any repercussions for applying to UCAS now through late application, receiving an university offer for September,accepting the offer, and then not if needed atteneding/leaving chosen course in September as a result apprenticeship results coming out positive.

Would also mention they would be self funded tution for first year/ already have level 3 results.

Would appreciate any insight. I do not know the specifics of ucas so couldn't really advise with facts.

They would like to apply as a backup measure but are not sure if there are any consequences.
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Until they have actually enrolled on the course, the only obvious liability is Uni accommodation - they would have to sign a contract/pay a deposit etc.

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