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MSc 2-4 years part-time eligibility


May I have some advice please?

I was told that my MSc course is not eligible to a Master's loan because it is part time course with no full time equivalent that can last up to 4 years (it is modular, and officially it's 2-4 years, and it does not have to be 4 years).

Now according to the course's page, most people are expected to finish the course within 2-3 years and I am not planning to make it last 4 years either.
Is there anyway I can still be eligible for Master's loan or is there any appeal process?
This is MSc Surgical Science and Practice at University of Oxford.
Hi kornmd2x,

The only courses we fund at that university is the 2 year research masters and the 3 year doctorate which are both full time.

Thanks, Clare

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