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My terrible college is threatening to kick us out if we fail our mocks

Ok, so I go to a really really awful 6th form college. Most people are failing because the teaching is really poor and most of us have gone months without a teacher in one or more subjects. We are doing our a-levels in May, and we are currently doing another set of mocks right now. Right before the exam starts, the invigilators tell us that if we fail, the college will kick us out. They always threaten us like this, attendance is below 90%? They'll threaten to kick you out. Grades are low? They threaten to kick you out. Usually I take no notice because I know it's not true, but it's just starting to really get to me and make me really anxious. Can they actually do that? I want to report this to someone in the school, but every time I've reported something like this it has been ignored. Is there anything I can do?
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Fret ye not. The amount of money the college gets from the government is based on the number of students who complete a year / course. They don't kick people out likely. That said, poor attendance is almost a guaranteed indicator for poor performance and the college's reputation is based on results. So they have to ask themselves the question, which is more important? £4500 or poor reputation brought on by the bottom 5% of attenders.

If you have good attendance and are working hard (teacher or no teacher) you have nothing to fear. It also should not be a surprise to you if you are at risk as you will have had multiple warnings in advance of a threat to be kicked out. Ultimately your future is in your hands. Work hard and succeed. Give up and drop out. Make the correct choice!

Good luck!
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