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Do you guys think I’m gonna get in with these grades to Xaverian because I’m really scared because I still didn’t get a letter from them saying that I got in and I’m about to cry:

Maths : 5 (but now is predicted a 6-7)
English : 5
Science : 4
Business : 6
Information Technology : 6
Music : 6
Spanish : 8
Italian : 8-9
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depends on what a levels/btecs you wanna do. Worst case scenario if you don’t get an offer and they end up putting you on the waiting list you can still get in, you just have to call them on results day
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if theres enough space, then yeah. ive had friends whove applied w ur level of grades and theyve got offers. maybe its a matter of them not having enough space.
its **** anyway not worth hype, my sister went there
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I’m currently a student at xaverian, ofc it’s subjective but i don’t agree with the college being “****” The schools teachers are well experienced and their resources are really summarised. Uni style campus and flexible time table

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