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Associate Practitioner - Biochemistry interview

Hello, I have got an interview working for the nhs as an associate practitioner in biochemistry in the blood science labs and it’s something I have always wanted to do. Does anyone have any tips or an idea of the questions they will ask? I have been told it is standard general questions and then a technical assessment (practical skills/knowledge) but unsure what this could mean exactly, I’m assuming knowledge in biochemistry procedures etc. it’s a band 4 position and I have a BSc in Chemistry and a MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and currently work as a Quality Control Laboratory Technician in another company. Any help would be so so helpful, TIA
Hi, I have an interview coming up for a AP in biochemistry aswell. Did you manage to find out the questions that could come up? Also have you done the interview? How did it go? What questions came up?
Go through the person specification in the original job advert and then think about questions that they might ask based on the specification.

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