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Favourite Food Places in Kingston!

Ever wondered what else is there to eat other than canteen food or sainsbury meal deals?
Here are some of my top picks on food places in Kingston!

Kingston Market
Located in the Kingston town centre, from fragrant Indian curries to soupy Vietnamese pho the market place serves a great variety of cuisines at an affordable price usually below £10! A great pit stop to eat and hang out with friends. My personal favourite would be the Vietnamese pho!

One of the best Turkish restaurants in Kingston in my opinion! Cappadocia offers a range of mezze platter starters to grilled meats and desserts, with large portions that are perfect for sharing! I highly recommend trying the Vegetarian Iskender (the best falafels I have ever eaten served on top mashed grilled aubergine) and the Kunefe dessert! If you are looking for a quick bite, Cappadocia also serves kebabs and donners that you can eat on the go! Other honourable mentions for Mediterranean cuisine in Kingston are Ramos and Tabbouleh!

Kingstonian Ice Cream Van
Kingston’s best kept secret! If you live around Kingston, have you ever heard the familiar jingle of an ice cream van near your house and a certain time of day? Kingstonian ice cream van serves fresh artisanal gelato at an extremely affordable price! You can easily get a cone of 2 flavours for £1.50! My favourite flavours are vanilla and hazelnut! :smile: So the next time you hear a familiar jingle around your neighbourhood, be sure to check it out!

That said, the chips and shredded chicken meal deal in the university’s canteen has been equally great and affordable when I need a quick bite!
Know of any great student friendly places to grab a bite with friends? What’s your favourite cuisine? Feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions about life in Kingston in the comments below! :smile:

Zhi En
(Kingston Student Rep.)

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