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De Montford or Leeds Art uni?

Hi! i’m going to be studying concept and comic art at both these unis. I’m very torn between the two since I am moving far away from home and I want to choose the right one! If anyone attends these unis and can give me insight about the actual area or the uni, that would be great:smile:
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Hi! i’m going to be studying concept and comic art at both these unis. I’m very torn between the two since I am moving far away from home and I want to choose the right one! If anyone attends these unis and can give me insight about the actual area or the uni, that would be great:smile:
Hiya! 😀

First of all, congratulations on being offered a place at both universities That’s amazing! 🤗 However sometimes it can be difficult deciding on which university to go to especially if you haven’t been there before and it is far from home.

If you can and haven’t done so already, I would recommend visiting both universities at an Open and / or Applicant Day. Open / Applicant days are a chance for the university to show you what it is like being a student there. By visiting in person, you get to see for yourself what the atmosphere is like, speak to current students, check out the accommodation and facilities and learn more about the course; this is just a brief of the potential benefits of attending and there are many more! But if you are not available and as you have previously stated it is far from home, we do have a virtual version of our Open Day and here is the link to that on our website.

De Montfort is situated in the heart of Leicester ❤️, in the city centre which is great as you have both the university and the city to explore on your doorstep. DMU is one of the few universities that is a campus-based university but also has the city centre by its side. The city has plenty of shops and restaurants to try some of which are popular chains, and some are smaller independent ones that are unique to Leicester. I love treating myself 🥰occasionally and dining out and discovering something new and returning to some old favourites. The city is also filled with different venues full of activities ranging from night clubs, bars, mini golf, bowling, theatre, and museums. If you are interested, here is a link to a few websites that show more in depth what Leicester city centre has to offer

De Montfort and Leicester is greatly diverse we celebrate many different events and is an inclusive city with many individuals from different ethnicities and religious groups and we hope that everyone feels welcomed. 🤗 As well as the diversity, Leicester is known for its affordability, 🤑 and this has been recognised by surveys across multiple years where Leicester is claimed in the top 10 affordable cities. This is excellent for students especially for those who are looking to save some money whilst studying and as of the location most places are quite accessible.

Considering that you wish to study Concept and Comic art you must be an incredibly creative person and Leicester too is surrounded by beautiful art pieces. Arts and culture are renowned across the city and the city has quickly become one of the best places for street art and after the Bring the Paint Festival in 2022 it’s even better; there is one soon this year in May. We also frequently have comedy festivals, 😂 live performances at the Curve Theatre and a rich history throughout. In addition, DMU was originally founded as the Leicester School of Art in 1870.

Due to, Leicester having many great connections it is an excellent place to find work and our award-winning Careers Team will happily help and support any DMU student, even after graduation. The Career’s team is just one example of the amazing facilities and support you can receive as a student. Some other examples, of excellent facilities and what may make DMU stand out is the Kimberlin Library, Food Village, Student Union, The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Leisure Centre; The Castle Gardens (located practically on campus), The Newarke Houses Museum (on campus) and the Balcony (located at Vjay Patel building).

Myself, or anyone from the DMU team will be happy to help any further on here 😁 and you can also contact us on the Ambassador Platform. By chatting to us, we can help answer any of your questions and we also post content regarding what we get up to as students Check out our profiles!

I hope this helps,
-Maddie, 💖 Second year Health and Well-being in Society student at De Montfort University
Hi 😀,

It’s great to hear you're wanting to study BA (Hons) Comic and Concept Art. It is a fantastic course that gives you space to explore the theory, practice, and professional contexts of comic and concept art. Our degree course will allow you to refine your design, drawing and digital visualisation skills to create believable worlds and bring to life immersive stories from your imagination. Our local, national, and international industry links allow you to learn from practising artists, live briefs, and industry workshops.

Leeds is a great city to study in with a thriving arts community. There’s always something different to do so you are guaranteed an excellent social life. Our campus is based next to the city centre, so you have a range of great cafes, shops, green spaces and galleries at your doorstep. The Sunday Times has recently named it as the best place to live in the north. I have enclosed a link below with some of our must-visit places :

We recommend that you come to one of our open days, it will give you the opportunity to explore our campus and the city itself. Our friendly staff and student ambassadors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Our next open day is on Wednesday 19 June however we will also be running open days in autumn/winter. You can book on the link below:

You can also chat with one of our current BA (Hons) Comic and Concept Art students if you have any questions about the course or studying in Leeds.

If you have any more questions please let me know. 😎

Leeds Arts University Rep!
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