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Advice with Early on Unite Student 24/25 Booking

So basically I made a booking with Unite Student at the The Tannery in Leeds back in January for the academic 2024/25 uni year. However since then I have a lot of trouble with anxiety and after a lot of talks with therapists and close friends and family, we've decided it's going to be better for my mental health for me to stay at home for next year. (Luckily I'm only an 45 min/1 hr bus ride from uni)

I emailed Unite Student to let them know that I wanted to try and get out of my tenancy (yes I know their cancellation policy is hell) and after a lot of back and forth they've allowed me to file an early leave request and this was what I got as a response:

"I've placed your room on 'Early Leave Requested' now, so this will be available for others to book.
If no one booked the room, then you would be liable to pay the rent until a replacement tenant is found. However, I'd like to let you know that we are completely sold out of 44 week rooms at The Tannery, so I do think there is a good chance that someone will book your room. I would still recommend advertising the room yourself though."

However, when I checked the floorplan my room was still showing as unavailble, does it just take some time to show as availble again? And what would I need to I ended up finding someone to take my tenacy before someone else books the room?Any advice would be helpful. It's all just confusing me a little bit
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