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Could someone mark my question 2 paper 1 english language question?

Just want to know how many marks out of 8 I would get. I am doing AQA, and this is for paper 1.

The text was:
"The chief would instruct the younger men to set up shelters for these two old women each time the band arrived at a new campsite, and to provide them with wood and water. The younger women pulled the two elder women's possessions from one camp to the next and, in turn, the old women tanned animal skins for those who had helped them. The arrangement worked well."

The question was "How does the writer use language to describe how the tribe looks after the two old women?"

My answer was:
"The writer uses language to display that the tribe treats the two old women with respect as if they are important people.

Firstly, the writer portrays that the women are treated with importance by stating that the younger men were instructed to "set up shelters" for them. The fact that they were instructed to do this by the chief shows that the women must be of a high status, as the chief (which we would expect to be of a high status in the tribe), told other tribe members to build a shelter for them. Additionally, they were to be provided with "wood and water". The chief, which would possibly be of the highest status in the tribe, is instructing other tribe members to provide the two old women with provisions such as a shelter, wood (possibly for fire as means of warmth) and water; the fact that the chief is instructing them to do this emphasises that these two old women are of a high status.

Furthermore, the writer states that the new shelters were set up every time the "band arrived at a new campsite". This shows that the tribe must be looking after the old women and treating them very well, as not only is the chief himself instructing others to set up a shelter for them, and provide provisions for them, but he instructs tribe members to do this every time they set up a new camp.

Overall, the writer uses language to show that the tribe treats the two old women with importance and respect- by stating that the chief sets up shelters for them and gives them provisions, every time they go to a new camp- proving that the women are of high importance and a high level of priority."

Any help would be greatly appreciated, be as honest as you can as well.

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