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How do I ace A Level Politics?

Honestly, it so hard to get into the top mark band for politics questions, and the sheer amount of material scares me. Can someone tell me how to best do essays, the 30 markers, and what information is best to remember (that can be used in all sorts of questions like SNP victory, etc).

Thanks a lot and good luck to whoever else is also giving politics in 2024!
This might seem super obvious and unhelpful but try and do every past paper question possible. A level politics is less about the content and much more about the debates and how you can provide balanced arguments. As for the essay structure, for 30 markers just remember to outline all your arguments in the introduction and your best one in the conclusion, as for the paragraph structure do a back and forth style for each one between for and against. I'm sure you've already heard that but also try and add as many examples as possible and explain why you included them and link them to the question. Hope this was in any way helpful!
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heyy, i was struggling with essay technique for a while, and what really helped me start consistently getting 24/30+ was splitting my essay plans into AO1, AO2, AO3 for both sides of an argument

e.g. (paragraph plan for a full-mark essay on whether the EU is a superpower - yes its global but its the same technique for all 30 markers)

AO3 Arguably EU has significant military power
AO1 - Common Foreign and Security Policy - 12 civilian + 9 military missions around the world, NATO acts as military force
AO2 - therefore somewhat unified in its approach

AO3 Actually EU is not a significant military power
AO1 - Cannot unify around Israel or Palestine, split over Iraq War 2003, split over Libya 2011
AO2 - not a unified force as can’t take decisive action
AO1 - despite large combined individual budget, EU’s entire armed forces = 49 tanks and 400 soldiers, US has 700+ military bases, 11 aircraft carriers and largest budget in the world of ~$800B
AO2 - not comparable
AO1 - US biggest contributor of NATO + not all EU countries are members
AO2 - therefore NATO shouldn’t be considered an EU military force
Mini-conclusion - summarise

I know we don’t have plans in the exam (obvi) but its good practice before then so you get used to systematically going through each AO, i hope this helps, and good luck in ur exams !! not long to go now 😭😭

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