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Is she really ghosting me at this point?

I am a 23 year old guy and like this girl (lets call her S) who is 19 turning 20 by mid of next month and we have been chatting on Instagram regularly for the past 8 months. We were in the same school too but didn't know each other in school days and now she is in a different college. We have been chatting regularly giving each other virtual hugs, made a big bucket list of which restaurants we will go and mostly chat about food as we are foodies and about songs and movies too and I would call her cutie and she would often say I am a sweet guy too. She is also very caring and sweet. But things changed since last Saturday when she hasn't replied to my texts on Instagram. Its been 7 days which is exactly a week and still no reply from her and she isn't even seeing my texts. I am totally confused what went wrong because in our last chat, she said that we will chat tomorrow again but she never replied since last Saturday.

I even tried audio calling her when she was online on Instagram 5 days ago which was on Monday but she didn't pick the call at all and it kept ringing. She is coming online just normally and even viewing my Instagram stories but not even seeing my text. Today I sent her another message apologizing to her if she by chance got upset by any of my messages and that I was missing her but no reply. On Tuesday and Wednesday, after my classes got over, I even tried waiting for her in the bus stop for an hour thinking maybe we can meet in person and talk about it but as she is in a different college, idk her college timings so I couldn't meet her after waiting for long.

I even told one of my female friend who is 20 about it. She tried to help me by messaging S too but they don't follow each other so her message went to her requests instead. S didn't reply to my friend either. It's just hard to get on Instagram seeing her online and not replying to me. It still shows as "sent". I am confused what happened because I have always been respectful to her and even she said it many times. Is she ghosting me or is there some genuine reason behind her being like this?
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It is plausible that she is ghosting you. But there would also be something else going on- for example (and I’m not insinuating that this happened but just as an example) her parents may have found out and not want her talking to guys. If nothing is working, just send her a gentle message saying that you miss her and for her to contact you when she’s ready just to let you know what is going on, but leave it at that. Afterwards, it’s up to her to contact you.
Don’t let it eat up your time and headspace too much (I know that’s easier said than done)
I hope this all gets sorted for you!

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