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Sheffield Accomodation - Studios at Wimberry, Windgather and Kinder


Just wondering if any UoS rep or previous student can answer few queries regarding studios at these three Ranmoor accommodations?

1. Do all three accomodations have similar studios?
2. Are studios part of a flat sharing some communal lounge etc or they are completely isolated?
3. These studios apparently have some limited cooking facility and no washing machine. Do they have a hob and microwave at least?
4. Which block out of three is better? newer?
5. Do these blocks have many first year students or mostly postgrads?

Finally, if you have any pictures of these studios and don’t mind sharing please? These are not covered at the website which only has floor plan and images for laddow studios.

Thanks in advance.
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I'd assume that all three blocks are the same. But for Wimberry specifically there are communal areas (the flat will be made up of two studios and three ensuits), the studios do have both a hob and a microwave as well as a small fridge, but there is an oven and freezer space in the communal kitchen. In most flats it will just be first years.
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Original post by Cia28

Thanks a lot, much appreciated. Other than Wimbery, the studios are not part of a flat with communal area? Thanks.
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's the same as Wimberry - the studios are part of a flat with communal areas.

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