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What Support Does DMU Offer You?

Hey there :h:

Imagining the transition to university can be challenging, potentially leading to unnecessary stress. Moreover, this transition can vary substantially for each one of us. That is why it is crucial to carefully and thoroughly consider the support provided by universities when making your choice. By ensuring your pick offers adequate support, you will pave the way for a smooth and stress-free initiation into university life, marking your first step toward independence.

I will walk you through all the support provided by DMU, and I am confident we will all come to the same conclusion: DMU has you covered, and student support ranks among the most crucial factors when selecting your university.

1. Let's kick things off with my personal favourite: careers support. I believe it is essential to give credit where it is due. Instead of making vague promises, I will share my own experiences to highlight the invaluable assistance provided by the Careers Team.

During my first year of studies, I secured my first psychological internship. Following that, I embarked on a Global Psychology Internship with the Think Pacific organisation, where I designed mental health workshops to support Fijian society. And this summer, I am set to begin another internship with a mental health support company in Leicester. It is all thanks to the comprehensive support provided by the Careers Team.

They are dedicated to enhancing our employability through a wealth of opportunities, including careers fairs, internship schemes, placement years, professional and skills development training, one-to-one coaching sessions, webinars, enterprise support, and online resources.

Through several meetings, I received guidance on crafting exceptional CVs and cover letters. I then utilised the wealth of online resources to prepare for interviews. As a result, I have gained a significant boost in confidence and access to incredible opportunities.

On top of it, DMU offers an on-site recruitment service called Unitemps, which assists students and graduates in finding employment opportunities both during their studies and after graduation. This is precisely how I landed the role of a student ambassador.

2. In my heart, the second spot is reserved for the DMU Global Team, which offers an array of international experiences such as academic-led trips, global internships and work placements, summer schools, volunteering programs, student exchanges, language courses, qualification courses, and skills development courses.

Personally, I have had the privilege of participating in two short trips to Spain, where I gained insights into the student exchange experience and honed my communication skills. Additionally, I completed a TEFL course, enabling me to teach English internationally, and embarked on a Spanish language course, which ultimately led me to the incredible adventure of a year-long student exchange in Bilbao.

You might be curious about the costs involved, but here is the amazing part: all of these opportunities are partially funded, making them accessible and affordable for students. These experiences are invaluable for broadening cultural horizons, exploring the unknown, acquiring skills highly valued by employers, and fostering personal growth, ultimately empowering individuals to become more open-minded and confident.

Now, let's get down to earth and shift our focus to practical support for the everyday challenges that we all encounter from time to time. It is reassuring to know that whenever we require assistance, the necessary help will be readily available.

3. Academic support at DMU begins with a series of routine and regular workshops covering various academic skills, such as essay writing, general English, research skills, time management, presentation delivery, and exam preparation. These workshops are scheduled throughout the year, both online and on-site.

Additionally, if you require more personalised assistance, you will be assigned a personal tutor at the onset of your academic journey. These tutors are available to provide guidance and offer support in both personal and academic matters when needed.

4. DMU prioritises inclusion, which is why there is a dedicated Disability Advice and Support (DSA) Team. This team is dedicated to offering support to empower students to reach their maximum potential. They provide assistance and guidance to students with various impairments.

The support provided is adaptable and personalised to suit each individual, recognising that disabilities can manifest differently for each person. Available assistance includes aid with applying for the Disabled Students' Allowances funding, referrals for assessments, and exams.

5. I do not know about you, but Student Finance seemed like a mystery to me initially, and I wish I had known about the extensive support available. This is where the DMU Money Advice Team steps in, offering confidential guidance on tuition fees, financial management, financial aid, and student funding.

They take on tasks such as communicating with funding bodies, supporting filling in applications, confirming registration for maintenance payments, and initiating tuition fee loan payments. Students have access to a variety of flexible appointment options to address any concerns or uncertainties they may have.

6. I believe that prioritising and standardising mental health support is crucial, both in universities and workplaces. That is why I am pleased to share that DMU has an exceptional Wellbeing Team in place. This team offers confidential counselling sessions to address personal matters.

Furthermore, they conduct various masterclasses aimed at enhancing skills such as effectiveness, goal achievement, and stress management. At DMU, accessing mental health support is immediate, without long waiting times. From what I have heard from my friends, the advisors are highly skilled professionals with exceptional listening and empathy abilities.

So, there you have it all the support condensed into a nutshell. With DMU backing you every step of the way, you can rest assured that the transition and university experience will not be a source of excessive worry and that you will join an inclusive and supportive community. I hope you will find this information useful :wink: If you have any questions or want to know more about anything, please feel free to reach out! You can chat with me and other students directly through The Ambassador Platform.

Take care,

Julia :smile:
Psychology student
De Montfort University

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