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business gcse

tips on business gcse ???
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I don't study buisness but here are some general tips on revising for subjects:

Revise key words and phrases (flash cards)

create mind maps on topics

Research about topics you struggle with (ask teachers or online)

Watch videos related to the subject

Try study groups

Do past papers

Read books related to the subject

Plan how your gonna revise each day just give 1-2hrs for that certain subject

I usually start from scratch and read through everything ,after that I watch vids on topics I found complicated or difficult, then I make notes about anything important, I revise my notes, I then do past papers to check how much I understood, any questions I get wrong or took too much time on I make a checklist to practice and revise that stuff. That's only when I do early revision and I have lots of time otherwise I do the past paper first and revise anything I haven't understood or need practice with.

This won't work for everyone so I can't guarantee it will help but hope you find something that suits you!
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thank you

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