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Query Regarding Submission of Financial Income Form for Application

I am writing to seek clarification regarding the submission of my parents' financial income form for my application.

Initially, my parents filled out the paper form for their financial income, which we subsequently uploaded as evidence on my account. However, upon further review, I discovered that parents are able to create accounts and upload evidence themselves.

Given that I have already uploaded the form on my account, I would like to confirm whether it will still be accepted, or if my parents need to create an account and upload the evidence themselves.

Additionally, could you please advise if my parents should expect to receive an email confirming the approval of the submitted form?

Your assistance in clarifying these matters would be greatly appreciated as we proceed with the application process.

Thank you.
Hi there. For the PFF2 form that you have uploaded, we can accept this on your own account or on the sponsors so there is no issue with how this has been provided. We do not send an email to the sponsors when we process this. Once processed, we will assess how much you are eligible for and you will be sent out an entitlement letter. Thanks, David

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