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Will the breakup impact my course?

I met my ex back in September as we are doing the same university course.
We dated for about 5 months. He recently broke up with me very suddenly and it was not mutual. We are now in no contact. The few messages I had sent before this were all polite and kind, but made clear I didn’t want this breakup and was here to chat if needed.
But as we are on the same course I have some concerns. Obviously we shared things about the course and our feelings about things during our relationship. As it was medium distance this often happened over text and voice notes. I did have some upsets on the course that I discussed with him.
I am now concerned he may choose to share that information with people on the course and the impact this might have.
Does anyone have any advice?
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Everyone probably has SOME upsets on the course, so even if he did share it, I doubt it would cause you any issues. But, of course, I don’t know what upsets you had.
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I would just leave things as is and hope that he will be honourable. It also reflects badly on him if things what were shared within a relationship are subsequently used to stir up trouble. This is one of the potential pitfalls of dating course mates, colleagues etc

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