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Msci Geology or Msci Earth and Planetary Science

Hi! I'm currently an offer holder for MSci in Geology with a year abroad. I'm quite into paleontology and palaeobiology so I applied for Geology, but as I looked at the offer email again, it seems as if I can transfer to Msci in Earth and Planetary Science with a year abroad until April 5 as long as I meet the offer condition.

I looked into the course descriptions of both courses and I'm a bit confused since they seem to have really similar structures in core modules. I'm interested in transferring to Earth and Planetary Science since it looks like it not only studies geology but also broader parts of the Earth, but I'm not quite sure since I'm not really a Physics person (more of a Bio person - got 5 in AP Bio, Chem, Cal BC, and CS A ).

Can anybody who is/was a Geology or Earth Science & Planetary student tell me specific differences between the two courses? Do the two courses differ in the possibility of finding a job in the UK? (I think they both reduce number of years to be CGeol) What might be a better choice for someone who wants to be a geobiologist?

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