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SFW application - You have actions in progress. Provide your identity evidence

Should I be expecting there to be an issue with my application through SFW? I've my application for 2023/24 on the go just now (Feb start & a wee bit late applying), I've uploaded my birth certificate which shows as 'received' (bank & NI are above these showing as completed). However, I've not actually submitted the form as it doesn't give me the option to submit after uploading my birth certificate (passport isn't an option). It shows as:

Your Status:

Application not submitted.

Processing application.

Confirm all details.

Receive payments.

Prepare for next year.

Then below it says " You need to complete your application". But there isn't a way to complete it, it's like it gets stuck when I've uploaded my evidence of identity. Not entirely sure why I needed to do that again when this is a continuation anyway. It's all changed since I last studied on this course (Open Uni degree) a couple of years back.


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