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I recently attended the ‘Cambridge Exploring Law Conference’ where they gave my fellow year 12’s and I a very nice insight into the academics of Law and the profession itself.

What suprised me however, is that of the 7 trainees they brought in from a combination of CC and Hogan Lovells,only 2 of them did an LLB,while the others did Non Law+GDL.

I was just wondering,if i followed a similar route and did Sociology at a top university and got a 1st, would i be disadvantaged in career options,not because it’s a non-Law degree but because it’s seen as a “Mickey Mouse” one.

I really enjoyed it at GCSE,with being the top of my cohort at it ,and am loving it at A-Level as-well.
I believe I would enjoy it greatly at university which may prompt me to get the highest grade I can,but i’m just on the fence in whether it’d be taken seriously in regards to getting opportunities like Vac Schemes and TC’s etc.

Any help appreciated!
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Definitely not.

Sociology is by no mean Mickey Mouse - it's an established acadmeic discipline that is taught at the world's best universities: A Level Sociology is on UCL and LSE's preferred subjects lists. Its studied at Oxford (as part of Human Sciences) and Cambridge (as part of HSPS).

I've seen students I have taught go on to Sociology at RG unis and then pass the bar.

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