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How to stop wanting attention

I need advice on how to stop wanting/seeking attention. I’m a very introverted/shy person but I still want attention and do things to get it. Whether that’s dressing in a way that I think will get attention, saying things to shock or making jokes to people that I know will get me attention, posting online (mainly on Instagram and an anonymous vent app) just for attention, both troll posts and real posts about myself/my life. I know it’s pathetic to go to such lengths to seek attention but I don’t know how to stop. I don’t have friends or relationships so doing those things are my only substantial amounts of human contact. I know I just need to be content in myself and learn to live without the attention of others but I don’t know how to reduce my need for it.
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Also just to note, when I say trolling, I’m not harassing or bullying anyone, I’m just making up stories/sh*tposting for attention
Maybe find some real humans to connect with irl so you can get attention in a meaningful way?

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