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Oxford AQA iGCSE Chemistry

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Original post by sodab0ttl3
I need help with understanding 3.5.2 c point
spec :
3.5.2 Preparation of salts
a. Soluble salts can be made from acids by reacting them with:
metals not all metals are suitable; some are too reactive and others are not reactive enough
insoluble bases the base is added to the acid until no more will react and the excess solid is filtered off
alkalis an indicator can be used to show when the acid and alkali have completely reacted to produce a
salt solution.
Students should be able to suggest methods to make a named soluble salt.
b. Salt solutions can be crystallised to produce solid salts.
c. Insoluble salts can be made by mixing appropriate solutions of ions so that a precipitate is formed.
Precipitation can be used to remove unwanted ions from solutions: for example, in treating water for drinking
or in treating effluent.
Students should be able to name the substances needed to make a named insoluble salt

What is the problem?
It just says that some methods are unsuitable and gives reasons why ...

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