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What is the best foreign language to learn? - ROI

Which language has the best ROI financially, demand and opportunities?
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mandrain Chinese
Learning Spanish will also open up the gateway to others: Portuguese, French, Italian
I think Spanish
Hi I mean I'd say pick the one that's gonna motivate u the most, and that u think you'll enjoy learning the most, and then u get the most of it, but yh there are some which stand out in terms of raw utility.
The UN's 'working languages' are all widely spoken and dominate huge regions with massive economic importance: French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish (and English).
U couldn't go wrong with Portuguese or Japanese either, or even ig an Indian language like Hindu/Urdu/Bengali but i think English is pretty commonly understood in cities there (same kinda goes for German).
But choose whichever one interests u most, and good luck!
Original post by sammy.tatter
Which language has the best ROI financially, demand and opportunities?

Hi sammy.tatter,

I hope you’re doing well! I’m a languages student, and I agree with what another commenter has said - whatever interests you. If you aren’t feeling passionate about the language, then you might find it difficult to motivate yourself and do well.

There’s a demand for pretty much all languages, be it in teaching, business, working for a charity, etc. I’d definitely think about what interests you and what culture you want to know more about when you make your decision.

All the best,


University of Exeter student ambassador

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