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How hard would it be to practice law in the UK if i go to a US uni

Hi everyone,

I’m a student in Y11 and have aspirations of going to a US uni to study law and then move back to UK.
I was just wondering if that transition would be difficult.
Law in the US is a postgraduate degree, not an undergraduate degree. So you wouldn't be coming back to the UK for at least 7 years (4 year bachelors and 3 year JD), and would still need you qualify in the UK upon your return, since law is jurisdictional and US laws are not the same as UK laws.

Altogether a bit pointless. Not to mention would cost you the better part of half a million USD most likely.

Just doing your undergrad in the US then coming back to qualify would be faster and have the same potential outcome (it would be a little cheaper too). Although it'd still be faster and much cheaper to do literally any non law degree in the UK then qualify anyway.
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First of all, I’m not exactly sure why you’d wish to do that, as I believe it’s considerably more expensive than to just get an LLB here (EDIT: it looks like @artful_lounger beat me to the punch), but I a) don’t know your financial situation and b) don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm. In my opinion, you may as well practise in the US at that point. If you wished to practise in Wisconsin, you wouldn’t even need to pass a bar exam if you graduated from one of the accredited law schools! (That, of course, doesn’t permit practise in other states and other shenanigans, but I digress.)

Anyway, as with many of these matters, Google is your friend. From a quick search, AllAboutLaw's page appears to be the most comprehensive on this subject, since it covers all three UK jurisdictions and both barrister and solicitor routes.

Good luck!
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