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Edexcel A-level Music (9MU0 03) : Appraising - 10th June 2024 [Exam Chat]

Edexcel A-level Music (9MU0 03) : Appraising - 10th June 2024
Welcome to the exam discussion thread for this exam. Introduce yourself! Let others know what you're aimingforin your exams, what you are struggling with in your revision or anything else.

General Information
Date/Time: 10th June 2024 PM
Length: 2hr 10min

Best of luck!

hey ! does anyone know where to access audio files for past papers ?
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Has anyone used the study guide. Is it any good for helping with the essays?
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Hi, just wondering what set works people think are going to come up.
Hey, I took alevel music last year and noticed a trend in the past papers, the first multiple choice question often came up as one of the essay questions, last ysar schumann came up as one of the essays. And that was the first multiple choice in the 2022 paper. I think Bach will likely come up as one of the essays this year. Please don't use this as a 'bach will definately be one of the essays' , but looking at the trend it's likely. Anyway, good luck guys your all going to do great!!!

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