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Uni mitigating circumstances

Hi I’m a year 12 student. In the past year I have lost 3 close relatives and 4 in the past years. One just weeks before my GCSEs. I’m wondering whether unis would take this into a account when considering my application
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Contextual offers and mitigating circumstances are two different things.

Contextual offers are where a University gives lower grade offers to those who fulfil specific 'widening participation' criteria such as 'in-care', low performing school, free school meals or living in specific postcode.

What you are talking about is Mitigating Circumstances - where an applicant is given extra consideration because of something that may impact their results like a bereavement, family disruption etc, and they may still be accepted as a 'near-miss' on Results Day if they just miss their offer grades - but does not mean they get a lower grade offer to begin with.

For Mitigating Circumstances, there will either be a specific form to complete and send to that Uni at the same time as you apply through UCAS (example from Bristol Extenuating circumstances | Study at Bristol | University of Bristol), or some Unis will accept an emailed letter from your school. You should also ask your school to include basic info about this in your UCAS reference.
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Thank you for the clarification

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