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Housing benefit on universal credit be affected

I am 18 live at home no income only my maintenance loan, and I am a full time student, will my mums housing element of her universal credit be reduced. I Have read under 21 non dependents full time student wont reduce my mums housing on her universal credit. Also regarding council tax my mum receives 25% discount, as I am a student I am exempt and don’t pay, will my mum still get her 25% discount. Can anyone help regarding this? Also my maintance loan will not effect my mums housing on her universal credit? Does anyone know about this ?
Dear Zowie,

I am sorry that I cannot help you, have you tried looking on the .gov or dwp websites?

You could also try speaking to a welfare rights advisor, unfortunately I know that they also can sometimes give incorrect advice as navigating these areas can be a minefield with information constantly changing or being updated.

I hope that you are able to access the information that you are looking for.

Your mum is blessed to have such an amazingly thoughtful and considerate child.

Good luck with your studies and any future endeavours. I know you will make your mum proud.

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