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i dont understand this guy

we met few years ago and rumour started surfacing ,that I have a crush on him and the whole campus found out including HIMM!Not too long after that ,turns out I did like him a lot ,by a lot ,I mean A LOT,
anyway ,we never talked to each other ever and at first he really avoided me and really hated it when someone shipped us like you could see his face fuming .As time went by ,he started reacting differently when someone shipped us ,he starts smiling ,looking at me and smiling ,blushing saying 'shhhh' and THIS IS COMPLETE CONTRAST TO WHAT HAPPENED A YEAR AGO YEAH.Me and my friends started noticing that he started looking at me alot.The guy who used to get ****ed and scream at his classmates to shut up had completely switched up.So this got my hopes to cloud 9 but we still never talked.
When his friends started noticing he was reacting differently,they were shocked and they started saying stuff like"she likes u, u like her,just go talk to her,admit it ik u like her ,"he didnt tell them to stop he continued smiling and blushing like a fool.
once i was sitting opposite him and his friend and,they both looked at me and his friend said to my crush 'ik ,i suspected you from the beginning " then they turned back at me and he smiled.lets note that we still havent talked.
seeing this and bunch of other weird weird behaviour from his side ,I decided to confess and asked his friend to help me bring him to a place.he brought him tot hat place and my crush clocked out i was going to confess ,he started freaking out and said'i need to i need to go' and he left.Later his friend told me that he said 'i didnt want to embarrass her ,but its haram i'll never date anyone.yes hes muslim i respected that ofc i was heartbroken for a long time but respect.
3 months later,now he has a gf and he's cheating on her with 2 other girls,zinnah right away ,his friends and my class still ships me w him and he does the same;smiling,blushing ,looking at table.
his friend even said to this another who liked me "stop stealing his girl, she's his girl" my guy he's sat there blushing and smiling and honestly if my friend said that to someone I didnt like then Im sorry I would have pounced on her and asked her to shut up but he jus sat there.He continues looking at me so so much and just staring at me for ages that the whole class would notice but bro has a gf ?how is that not haram man?

to check his reaction,I started talking abt other guys in front of him and he started getting moody with everyone and gave me a nice angry sideye everytime I did.Few days ago it was my bday and they make mine a big deal so I dressed up a bit and entered into my class,he stared at me for a good 2 minutes my friends were telling me this and note that my friends hate him.
right now,im at the point where i dont even like him but am really curious in the intent behind his weird heaviour and actions.I want to get a chance to talk with him so I can clarify everything but it wont happen ever.Theres a reason we meet everyone but I still dk why i met this guy, Hes literally been playing mind games and I really really need help to understand year left until i never see him again and im feeling hopeless
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i have a feeling that his friends said something about you but its obvious he likes you like seriously but hes tryna hide it
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I think he's manipulating you emotionally but it seems like he likes u back as well but seriously your story is so interesting!! Its like a movie ,I get how confused you are dw ,if its not okay its not the end.
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im confused just by reading that that must be really hard for you

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