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Apprenticeship help

I have a Level 3 in Business, Finance and Administration as I studied and completed a BTEC Level 3 last year and went on to university. I have decided to drop out of uni and want to progress onto an apprenticeship instead.

I want to break into Accounting, is it worth applying for a level 3 AAT Apprenticeship even though my course did have some accounting modules?

Or shall i look for a higher level apprenticeship? As have some knowledge and experience as I have some work experience as an Accounts Assistant as work experience was required on that course.
I would apply for both and see what happens. I've applied for level 4's and level 6's and didn't get past the CV stage of any level 4's but got to the final stages of several level 6's and have accepted one - so I would keep your options open. I wouldn't leave uni though until you've got something else as apprenticeships can be very competitive and if you didn't get one what would you do then? It's also probably going to look better on your CV if you're choosing to go for an apprenticeship while at uni rather than having dropped out. Apprenticeships have a high drop out rate and it wouldn't surprise me if companies were wary of taking on people that had dropped out of uni unless they had a very good reason. I don't know this for sure though it's just a guess.

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