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gcse english lit: macbeth/j&h/aic themes

hiii could anyone share what quotes they're going to use/have used for the themes in:
an inspector calls
jekyll and hyde
power and conflict

ikk it's a lot to ask but I'm kinda stuck on the quotes I should use for them cuz rn I just have a long list and dk what theme to apply it to
hope paper one went well!!
so just as a heads up, i'm not going to give quotes because it seems like you have a lot and it's more about identifying themes. if you just want quotes on their own please stop reading, ask a teacher or friend.

but here's what i do and am doing! i think it's more important to find big ideas, THEN memorise quotes and methods.
ok, so:

list out the most prevalent themes (you can make a massive list)

think about why Priestley or the poet included this theme, what are they trying to say? context is useful here

think about/mind-map (whatever works) how characters are presented in relation to this theme. E.g. with social responsibility (which would be SO good if it came up), take each character and see if they're socially responsible. Is Sheila responsible at the start and/or end? What about Eric?

then look for quotes in the text to support your argument for each one. though it's good to have some stock quotes (you can find on free parts of revision guides or random schools' pdfs) since we don't know what they'll ask

practice essayy aaa

but yeah!! hope that helped. (:
anyway, good luck, let's hope for the best
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