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Paranoid about being fired

I have been working as admin assistant in an office since August last year.
Today someone get fired, completely unrelated job title to me but it was for under performance. Some days at work I really struggle to find work to do.
In January I got called into a meeting and they were basically like you are on ur phone a lot. I was still new to an office environment and saw other people on their phones so I thought it was okay. Anyways don’t go on my phone much anymore. But sometimes I genuinely have nothing to do. I told my line manager “sometimes when I haven’t got work to do I don’t know what to do is their anything I can work on or do in this time” she said we could sort something out but she never did.
I can’t ask people in my office because I have no other support team members there. So I just teams message people asking if I can do anything. I should do this more than I should but I don’t really want to be pestering people all the time. Most of the time they can’t think of stuff. I hate those days. Some days are great and I have a lot to do and some days I have nothing and I feel really guilty.
I also am prone to stupid mistakes which I quickly rectify but they happen none the less. With the recent firing I’m really paranoid that they could fire me for underperforming.
I am putting my notice in soon anyway it’s more of an emotional thing I think it would really upset me if I got fired. I’m putting my notice in in 3 weeks so hopefully they won’t fire me before then!
I’m being a moron cuz they haven’t hinted at me being fired and I haven’t had any problems since January that they have brought up. But you never know.
Here’s some thoughts to consider:

Quality is just as important as quantity.

Deliver value by getting your tasks done on time, with a high level of quality, accuracy.

If you have time where your not “occupied” then your employer will expect you to be working effectively.

Have a constructive conversation with your manager, perhaps suggest a few tasks you take on or contribute to regularly to improve your knowledge and skills base. Frame the conversation in a positive way.

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A job where you are not busy enough is surprisingly stressful. You feel under valued and time goes slowly. It also uncomfortable to continually flag to boss and colleagues that you don’t have enough to do. I think looking for something more challenging and interesting is absolutely the right thing. I doesn’t seem you are going to be sacked. Just make the best of things in the meanwhile.

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