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Maintenance Loan and SFE 2nd Degree

Hello there

I am asking for some insight, so I have my offer/place for Adult Nursing 2024. However, this is my second degree which was previously in Literature, so I know they are second. I read that SFE is granting maintenance to medical students as it is a highly desired course.

Is this the case I work part-time currently and it would cut a lot of the strain off.

Thank you all for answering in advance.
Hi I’m at adult nursing student at LSBU. Like you this is my second degree programme.

This how my finance worked out -
Tuition fee loan - for second degree as it’s an approved health care course.

Maintenance loan - I was eligible for. You’ll need to apply, the amount is depends on your situation.

NHS Learning support fund. A £5000 annual amount paid over three payments for attending the course. Google it for the full details.

I would caution you that the student finance won’t cover all of your expenses while being a student but it does help.

Adult nursing programmes come with 2300 hours of placement which is unpaid. The Learning Support Fund kinda helps offset that a bit.

It’s important to consider how you can manage your commitments or employment around full time hours on placement.
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Fabulous just as expected, thank you ever so much, and yeah the maintenance does not cover everything but it covers a lot of my annual expenses. I am really lucky that I have a part-time job, which will be taxing but it's work from home so bonus.

Thank you so much.

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