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Distance Learning Maintenance Loan

I study with the Open University, and got the Maintenance Loan last year, after jumping through many hurdles.

I was wondering whether I would have to provide a whole load of new evidence, again, as a continuing student when it comes to applying for funding for the next academic year?
I’m a student at the moment here’s my experience.

Disabled students allowance usually is assessed in year one, and rolls over til you complete your award or circumstances change.

Maintenance loans you have to apply for the incoming year as returning student.

Contact SFE for advice specific to your situation or contact the fabulous team at the Open University.

I did my first degree there. The Students Association was an epic bonus.
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I am a current student with the OU, and I get maintenance loan already.

My question relates to the next academic year, and whether I need to provide all of the evidence again which states I cannot study at a brick University or whether the evidence I provided in year 1 is sufficient to last me through my course.

Hi there

No you won't need to provide evidence all over again.

You'll just do a continuation form (assuming you haven't changed courses or unis) for both your tuition fees and maintenance.

Hope this helps.

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