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Has social media made my anxious attachment worse or is he just not interested?

Ok so I’m actually a bit of both, anxious and avoidant. Did an online quiz and apparently I’m a disorganised attachment style. Anyways pretty clear I have an insecure attachment style.

Anyway, I’m talking to a guy for a few months and my friends say he is an f boy or isn’t as interested as I am. When he is in class he never talks to me (used to but has stopped) but he does talk to me in the evenings when he has completed classes and studying for the day, and all day during the weekend (as in he messages me during study breaks or when he is cooking or hanging out with friends, takes a little long to reply when he is with his friends but I don’t care) anyway I am fine with this communication consistency and I don’t have a problem with it. However, the anxious attachment comes in to play and I want him to text me pretty much all the time and I have to remind myself that he has a life and have a few deep breaths to calm the anxiety feeling. During the “anxiety feeling” I sometimes think he has lost interest, get confused and have a bunch of other doubts. Well I know he is always on his phone, and when I told that to my friends I was told he is either an f boy or has no interest.

Anyway, I went to TikTok for help, and the TikTok advice told me he should reply in less then 4 hours or else he isn’t interested, if he wanted to he would, if your confused it’s not meant to be, if yall aren’t official in a month leave, if yall aren’t official in 3 month leave, you should go on a date within the first week of talking etc. and I feel that it all has made my anxiety when it comes to all talking to this guy worse, as I now not only have to battle my own thoughts but also end up thinking about these TikTok’s.

Anyway, I changed our primary source of communication in the hopes it’ll help my mentally get through the day as I won’t be able to check his last seen now. I also tried not taking to him for 24 hours, it was difficult, but made me accept I have feelings for him and I will be fine if things don’t workout.

Anyway, sorry for this rant, had to get it out somewhere. But i do want to ask, if social media has negatively/positively influenced when i comes to dating, or potentially perusing something romantic.
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Sorry, I side tracked. Lol looks like I have 2 questions now.


Has social media made my anxious attachment worse or is he not interested


Has social media negatively or positively influenced your dating life

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