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Will DSA from SFE affect ability to get a job after graduation

I’m on the Adult Nursing BSc programme at LSBU and like you I also have health and disability concerns to consider. Here’s my experience and tips:

DSA is funding to provide you with the equipment or support you need in order to be successful on your course. No employer will ever know you recieved DSA unless you disclose it to them. You do not repay DSA.

When you join any nursing programme you will have to attend an occupational health appointment. During your appointment you should be open and honest about your physical and mental health and wellbeing. They will discuss with any condition or concern you have and make recommendations for adjustments or adaptions you may require.

The occupational health team will inform the university through a report that will detail any specific adjustments required. When I had my report produced I was given a chance to review it, before it was submitted to the university.

When you go on placement your needs should be addressed to help you be successful.

For example, I have PTSD, and an adjustment for me is that I am not going to be placed with a certain speciality or department whilst on placement.

Apply for DSA - its funding to help set you up for success - deciding not to will delay you getting the support you need.
The occupational health process is mandatory for all nursing courses - having a disability is more common than you think. Don’t be afraid or anxious about the process, it’s a positive and supportive experience.
When you start as a student nurse we’re expected to uphold the NMC code of conduct, part of that obligation requires us to show courage, to communicate and ensure patient safety. Withholding your health information could place yourself or others at risk. Disclosure is treated sensitively, and only those who need to know are informed of the adjustments or arrangements for you.
Let Student Finance England know if your on PIP. You may be eligible for special elements of additional funding.
I know at least 45 nursing students who recieve DSA and support to study. I haven’t heard anything alarming or distressing from them about getting the support they need and are entitled to.

When you join the NHS or other health care providers it’s pretty common to have to disclose any disability or health condition that affects you, because when you’re getting the support when you need it - you’ll be able to deliver effective, safe, person centred care without sacrificing who you are.
Original post by ZL04
I want to apply for DSA, Ive been diagnosed with Depression,Anxiety,PTSD and BPD.
But Im scared it will be looked into when I get into employment as a nurse after graduation, will they refuse me a job if they knew i had received DSA for mental health conditions before?

Absolutely not. Any company who refuses hiring someone on the basis of their mental health history / situation is going against the discrimination policy and equal opportunities act.

Do not deny yourself help and support you are entitled to on the basis on some 'what if'. I understand your concern but you truly have nothing to worry about.

Lots of nurses and people who work in the medical industry are managing their own health / disabilities also. More than you would think.
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Contact the university and let them know. You’ll get the advice and guidance specific to your circumstances.

Your employer will only know what you disclose.

Getting the right support and the answers to understand your needs and strengths will make you more successful in future.
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Original post by ZL04
When they see my diagnoses, wont they feel as if though i could be too sensitive for the job? Im also undergoing a screening for autism so im not sure if that's going to make things worse for me, Ive been thinking of completely pulling out of the autism and adhd screenings because of how scared i am of my future employers thinking i'll be unfit or not hiring me because they dont want to have to make adjustments for me in the workplace.

Please don't withraw from the screening process. I know it can be stressful and anxiety inspiring, but going through the process you'll learn more about yourself, and your wrap around support will become more tailored to your needs

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