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Grading percentage

Hi I need to work out how many marks I will need to get 50% overall for this semester (marked in percent)
Assignment one - worth 50% - grade 55%
Assignment two - worth 50% - no grade yet
Assignment three - worth 100% - no grade yet
Assignments four - worth 30% - grade 57%
Assignment five - worth 70% - no grade yet

I need 50% overall , what marks would I need on the remaining 3 help
I'd recommend making an excel sheet for this so you can fill in your grades because there are so many different ways you could reach 50% considering the weighting.
I assume 1&2, 3, 4&5 are separate modules with equal weighting to your final grade? Obviously assignment 3 is not 100% of your overall grade? If so, then you currently have 15% of your overall grade.

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