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Drink Driving - Chance in Law

Throwaway account for obvious reasons.

I have a DR10 conviction (early 2020) and this is my only criminal conviction and was banned from driving for 12 months as I was only just above the limit.

I start my Masters conversion to Law in September and I would be grateful to understand if anyone has had a similar experience, or knows of anyone, that was admitted by the SRA with a drink driving past?

Online information is conflicting, and the SRA themselves say that it is not an immediate 'no' to something like this so unsure as to what will likely happen to me.

By way of context, as I start my Masters next year I would only likely qualify in 2028/29/30 as I would need to still secure a TC, do the 2 years QWE etc.. so a long time would have passed from the offense.

Don't forget it takes six years before a conviction becomes spent
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Hi, the conviction will be spent before I go to apply to the SRA to be admitted as a solicitor.

It sounds like I have all of the mitigating circumstances and none of the aggravating circumstances - would you suggest I go through with my legal studies?
Give the SRA a call and ask to speak to an admissions officer, they will provide you with the update to date guidance.
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Don't forget it takes six years before a conviction becomes spent

More to the point, OP should be aware the SRA requires disclosure of even “spent” convictions when applying for admission as a solicitor. I agree with your second post OP - refer to the SRA guidance on this and speak to them directly if you are unsure about anything.
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Important to note that convictions don't become spent for the purposes of a standard DBS check, it will show and continue to be shown.

Agreed re calling up the SRA to get a view. I don't think it is a hard barrier to admission but you want to be able to show full compliance with the police & criminal process + insight and remorse (as per SRA guidance page). & On the latter (and this may be being very over-cautious on my part) but some local volunteering/charity work in a road safety/alcohol addiction field would be a very strong way of practically demonstrating remorse & understanding.
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Hi all, I have spoken with the SRA and it's a very case-by-case basis.
My understanding is that given my circumstance, with strong reference and remorse I should be fine. I have been sober for over a year now which as long as I keep that up is also good. Agreed re:volunteering/charity work, not a bad idea - I will do this!

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